Testimonials - Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation


We strive each day to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia, and their caregivers. We appreciate your kind words.

I am compelled to put in writing the experience I had with LIAF day care.If you have a significant person in your life that has dementia, there is a special place he or she can go to get stimulated, learn and be happy. My experience has been so positive (my husbands too) I feel the need to share it. You are not alone, there is a truly professional and caring day care to bring your love one to. I am amazed at their knowledge and caring. Everyone is special to them! They put joy into the lives of people that would normally sit home staring or watching tv. They know the importance of music and arts. I believe their music program is by far the best. There is live music. You see people dancing or clapping their hands with the staff enjoying every minute of it. A quiet room is always available when needed. They structure activities for the individual. A full staff is there for you to discuss your love one. I believe the people that go to this day center feel cared for and loved. The staff seems capable of handling all situations. To see my husband happy and looking forward to going there is more than I could ever hope for.

Patricia G.


I must say that everyone at LIAF has been wonderful. You are all VERY special people, indeed, to work so well with the Alzheimer's population and to be so understanding and helpful to those families who find themselves in the mist of this unfortunate and painful situation. Thank you again for all.

Janice V.


The Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation is one of the best places on Long Island for a family member diagnosed with dementia to be a part of!!

My mother was a part of the LIAF family for over 3 years. She enjoyed every moment there. Anytime we were out with family or friends all she would talk about was the "fun" she had at the center! She couldn't remember many things, but getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to the Center {as she would call it} was the highlight of her day.

LIAF gave my mom life. Without it I think my mom may not have lived as long as she did. She enjoyed the many trips, the zoo, the museum, bowling, art class, having her nails polished, the birthday celebrations, music day, picnics, and so much more. LIAF would play games to help preserve the minds of each person. The staff was extremely patient and so loving to each person, they took such amazing care of my mother when she was in their care. They even offer counseling for family members to better understand this incurable disease and how to work through the difficulties of what happens to your loved with dementia /Alzheimer's.

In closing, I want to thank you, the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation. I am grateful for the many happy days/years you gave to my mom. There is no better place, in my opinion, for a family member to be a part of and I hope that more families feel the same. Many thanks.

Pauline A.


Wow! What great staff and great new place for LIAF. I'm so glad that my mom is part of this wonderful program! My dad talked about the visit all weekend. He enjoyed it as well as did I.

Mary Ellen


Thank you for being there for my family when we didn't know where else to turn. More importantly, thank you for pointing us in the right direction and making us feel less alone as we struggled to know what to do and how to handle my grandfather's dementia. With the support we received from you and others at LIAF, we were able to normalize a situation that was so foreign to us. It seemed like it came out of nowhere; he was the man who raised me, guided me, taught me about life and always made me feel safe. In what seemed like a blink of an eye the neighbors were bringing him home because he had wandered off and I was unrecognizable to him. My grandfather passed away in October of 2013 after suffering from dementia for 4 years.

In July, I will be getting married, a day that I only wish my grandfather could have been present for. In his honor, I will be carrying his picture on my bouquet and the memory of him in my heart. In addition, my fiance and I have decided to donate money to LIAF in lieu of favors. This is just a small token of our appreciation for LIAF.

Ms. Cohen, thank you again for all you have done for my family and continue to do for so many others.

Jessica S.


It's a pleasure to know how much my parents enjoy the Whimsical Wednesdays program. Music and dancing were always such a part of their lives in their younger years. Although some memories and words are harder to retrieve, it's amazing to see how the words and feelings of songs of yesteryear come back to them in this supportive setting.

Lisa B.


The staff are kind, and there is a nice family feeling at LIAF. There are not many organizations around that do what LIAF does, and do such a wonderful job too. LIAF serves a need in the community. With more and more families facing this disease and feeling lost, LIAF gives them a destination.

Arlene R.