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Alzheimer's Disease

How Fast Does Alzheimer’s Disease Progress?

After diagnoses, one of the first questions may be “How fast does Alzheimer’s disease progress” followed by a range of additional questions. Unfortunately, there are no clear cut rules on how fast

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Music Programs

Music Programs Offer Hope for Families Fighting Alzheimer’s

In June 2017, LIAF quietly launched its MUSIC & MEMORY Program. In its initial stages, it included just two participants and expanded slowly, at a rate of one new participant per month. Now, over a

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LIBN Tori Cohen

LIBN One for the Ages

As the executive director of Westbury-based Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation, Tori Cohen sees the struggles families and their caregivers face today. She spoke with LIBN about how she and her team navigate

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Robotic Pet Benefits

Robotic Pet Benefits

Live companion animals have many benefits, however they can be hard to care for. Joy for All, a division of toymaker Hasbro, has developed a realistic robotic companion with the ability to interact and

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy: Create And Release

We aim to offer a wide range of activities in our constantly evolving day program. Our goals are to stimulate various parts of the brain and cater to the diverse interest of our participants. One activity

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Blood Test for Alzheimer's Disease

Groundbreaking Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Disease Shows Promise

Alzheimer's is a disease caused by the progressive degeneration of brain cells resulting in reduced cognition and loss of certain brain functions. As the 6th leading cause of death among seniors in the

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Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy: A Retiree Helping Retirees

Meet Gibs, one of our volunteer pet therapy dogs! Gibs would visit our participants once a month, and bring a happy, nostalgic feeling. Multiple studies have cited benefits among dementia such as positive

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