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Alzheimer’s in the News

A Caregiver’s Passion for Helping the Community
Allan Vann, former caregiver, LIAF support group attendee, volunteer and current advocate, has a passion for helping the community, especially[...]
NRP Pulling Back The Curtain On Alzheimer’s Disease
At age 58, Bella Doolittle from Glens Falls was diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimer’s.  Bella’s husband, Will Doolittle, is a writer[...]
Opening Your Eyes to the Connection Between Dementia and Sleep
Dementia usually results in a host of symptoms from memory loss and mood changes to reduced ability to perform activities[...]
4 Dementia Risk Factors That You Can Control
A growing amount of evidence suggests your lifestyle choices can significantly affect your likelihood of developing Dementia. In short, what's[...]
Another Successful Fundraiser With Kelley’s Heroes
Thank you to Bill Flood, Sean Phillips and all the members of Kelley’s Heroes for the amazing donation today of[...]
Music and Dementia: How Can Music Help with Memory?
Did you know there is a connection between music and dementia? People living with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia[...]
Adaptive Devices for Persons with Dementia
It can be relatively difficult to find adaptive devices to suit the needs of individuals living with Alzheimer's disease and[...]
Stop & Shop Reusable Bag Fundraiser
We are so excited to share that the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation (LIAF) has been selected to be a part[...]
Turning 65? 7 Things You Need To Know About Medicare
It’s difficult to navigate through Medicare on your own, especially when there are no easy, one-size-fits-all coverage options. So, to[...]
Reimbursement for Daily Maintenance, Day Programs, and More
New Medicare Laws Allow Reimbursement for Daily Maintenance, Day Programs, Respite Care and MoreThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services[...]
How Fast Does Alzheimer’s Disease Progress?
After diagnoses, one of the first questions may be “How fast does Alzheimer’s disease progress” followed by a range of[...]
Music Programs Offer Hope for Families Fighting Alzheimer’s
In June 2017, LIAF quietly launched its MUSIC & MEMORY Program. In its initial stages, it included just two participants[...]
Robotic Pet Benefits
Live companion animals have many benefits, however they can be hard to care for. Joy for All, a division of[...]
Art Therapy: Create And Release
We aim to offer a wide range of activities in our constantly evolving day program. Our goals are to stimulate[...]
Groundbreaking Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Disease Shows Promise
Alzheimer's is a disease caused by the progressive degeneration of brain cells resulting in reduced cognition and loss of certain[...]
Pet Therapy: A Retiree Helping Retirees
Meet Gibs, one of our volunteer pet therapy dogs! Gibs would visit our participants once a month, and bring a[...]
Honor Your Loved Ones Affected by Alzheimer’s & Dementia
This is a participant celebrating her birthday at LIAF, with her daughter by her side and surrounded by friends. LIAF[...]
Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults
A healthy lifestyle can lead to a healthy brain. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to[...]
Understanding the Different Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
Across the United States, an estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages are living with one of the stages of[...]
LIAF’S 2018 Holiday Dinner Party
Tis the season to celebrate! LIAF's holiday party was a perfect time to share our appreciation for one another and[...]
LIAF’s Recognition for Achievements in Health Care
On Tuesday, December 18th, Mandy Klarman, previous volunteer and current per-diem social worker at LIAF, was recognized at the Long Island[...]
Give Back on #GivingTuesday
The Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation is proud to participate in #GivingTuesday today, November 27th. This global day of giving invites[...]
What is Dementia: The Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
Although often considered synonyms, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are not the same. Whether you’re a caregiver or someone experiencing early[...]
This Veteran’s Day LIAF is Honoring America’s Military Heroes
This Veteran’s Day, LIAF is honored America’s military heroes by making an effort to also help keep people safe. On[...]
Introducing LIAF’s Music & Memory Program
In early 2017, Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation was certified by the MUSIC & MEMORY® Foundation to distribute iPods outfitted with[...]
Kendra Scott Gives Back
Kendra Gives Back to Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation. Enjoy sips and sweets while shopping our latest collection with 20% going[...]
29029 Everesting Fundraiser
What an epic feeling to complete 17 ascends, 29029 feet! Thanks to all of you who supported me with words[...]
Recognizing LIAF’s Hard Working Women
On Thursday, October 18th the Long Island Business News awarded two of LIAF’s hard working women! Executive Director, Tori Cohen[...]
LIAF featured in the Long Island Weekly: Healthy Living
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A Quick Review of the History of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
When learning about the history of Alzheimer’s disease it is important to know the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.Simply[...]
7 Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients You Can Do at Home
At the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation, we provide an array of engaging activities in our day programs designed to help[...]
Representative Rice Introduces Bill to Help Younger Alzheimer’s Patients
For Immediate Release  | May 14, 2018 May 7, 2018, Westbury, N.Y. – Nearly 200 guests recently attended the annual[...]
Summer Traveling With Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Summer means vacations for many families.  But for those who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia,[...]
Molloy Students Fundraiser Event for LIAF
Thank you to the Molloy Students who have organized this special fundraiser event for Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation. Join us[...]
Another Successful LIAF Annual Golf Outing
For Immediate Release  | May 14, 2018 May 7, 2018, Westbury, N.Y. – Nearly 200 guests recently attended the annual[...]
Running to Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness: One Man’s Inspiring Story
Currently, there are more than 5.7 million Americans living with Alzheimer's disease. It can strike at almost any age, and[...]
Bereavement After an Alzheimer’s Death
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, September 12, 2016 In my Huffington Post blog on 11/9/15, “Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Groups,” I wrote[...]
Clinical Trials for New Alzheimer’s Medications
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, July 19, 2016 Inside Science News Service noted on April 16, 2016 that “Alzheimer’s is a graveyard[...]
Alzheimer’s Medications
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, June 13, 2016 Most people know that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) leads to memory loss and cognitive[...]
Alzheimer’s Exercises Aim to Improve Patients’ Memories
By Christine Chung, Newsday, May 31, 2016 Twice a week, a handful of senior citizens gathers at Amber Court Assisted Living[...]
Moving On After an Alzheimer’s Death
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, May 16, 2016 When Clare was placed in the dementia unit of an assisted living facility[...]
Death Due to…Alzheimer’s?
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, May 5, 2016 This is not the column I had initially prepared for posting today, but[...]
Alzheimer’s Spouse Not Ready to Move On
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, April 11, 2016 Clare’s Alzheimer’s disease continues to worsen and she entered a nursing home last[...]
Choosing a Nursing Home for a Loved One With Alzheimer’s
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, March 28, 2016 In March, 2013, I knew that the time was approaching when I would[...]
‘Aging in Place’ With Alzheimer’s in Assisted Living Facilities
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, March 14, 2016 New York has some Assisted Living Residences (ALRs) that have “enhanced assisted living”[...]
Alzheimer’s Patients in Psychiatric Hospitals
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, February 29, 2016 My wife Clare has Alzheimer’s disease and recently spent three weeks in a[...]
Supervision of Alzheimer’s Residents in Assisted Living Facilities
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, February 15, 2016 I am incredibly fortunate to have my wife, Clare, residing in an excellent[...]
5 Steps for Alzheimer’s Caregivers
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, October 26, 2015 Once a loved one receives an Alzheimer's disease (AD) diagnosis, there are five[...]
Alzheimer’s and the NFL
By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, September 1, 2015 This is an open letter to NFL Commissioner Goodell, team owners, and players:[...]
NY Legislators Push $1B Bond Issue for Alzheimer’s Research
By Laura Blasey, Newsday, August 11, 2015 A Long Island legislator is pushing a $1 billion bond issue for neuroscience and[...]
Dementia Units Require Full-time Managers
By Allan Vann, McKnights, November 10, 2014 My wife, Clare, has been living in an assisted living residence for more than[...]
Pat Bowlen and Alzheimer’s
By Allan Vann, The Denver Post, July 27, 2014 Pat Bowlen’s resignation from Bronco ownership due to Alzheimer’s affords the Broncos[...]
Placing a Loved One in Assisted Living
By Allan Vann, Social Work Today, May/June, 2014 Seven months after placing my wife, Clare, in the dementia unit of a[...]
Alzheimer’s — would you want to know?
By Michael Dobie, Long Island Newsday, March 14, 2014 Suppose you are a senior citizen and a blood test could predict[...]
First Large-scale Study Finds Cognitive Training Aids in Long-term Function in Older People
By Tara Bahrampour, Washington Post, January 13, 2014 The first large-scale trial to show that training improves cognitive function in older[...]